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of Hainan were subject to reclamation inspections in 2017.Inspectors from the administration talked with 53 provincial leaders, handled nearly 1,▓200 complaints, and mobilized aircraft, drones, ships and satellites to examine reclamation projects.Enterprises were fined a total of 1.24 billion yuan ($192.7 million) fo

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ocal officials and company employees were held accountable, according to the administration.Ke Chang, head of the administration's Environmental Protection Department, said the central government has been striving to reduce the area of reclaimed land since 2013, when 154 square kilometers of sea area was reclaimed. T

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he past four years saw an average annual decrease of 22 percent in rec▓laimed areas. In 2017, about 58 sq km was turned into dry land, h▓e said.The government has also spared no effort to restore coastal environments and isla

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nd ecosystems, according to Ke.He said 260 km of coastline, 52 islands, 41 sq km of coastal wetl▓and and more than 12 sq km of beach have been rehabi▓litated since 2011. In the next three years, the government will restor

坱rol over recla

e the ecosystems of at least 66 bays, 50 islands, 2,000 km of coastline and 180 sq km o▓f wetlands, Ke said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan▓ the QR Code to follow us on WechatAt least 3 Chinese natio

mation, acco

nals died after a boat sank in eastern Indonesia, one hour after leaving port.33 people, including 24 Chinese nationals, were on board when ▓it sank last Wednesday. Nine bodies have been retrieved, with the only survivor bein

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g Chinese citizen Ke Kai-shen. 23 others are still missing, as poor weather continues to hamper rescue operations.Passers-by were surprised to see a woman d▓oing Tai Chi in the playground of Paixi Primary School in Fangyan Town

tate Oceanic Adminis

,▓ Yongkang City on the afternoon of November 22. The woman is Jin Jun, a sixth level master who is▓ currently the best Chinese martial arts master in Yongkang City and a first-level martial arts referee in China.She began lea

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rning Tai Ch▓i from her maternal grandfather at the age of four"My grandfather is Ke Fengyuan. He studied under Niu Chunming, a famous Chinese Tai Chi master, before the founding o▓f the PRC and made a living by opening a martial arts school and drug store." Jin sai▓d that her grandfather was also one of the founders

tration.Lin Shan

of the Yongkang Red Cross Hospital.With such a grandfather, Jin began to learn Tai▓ Chi at the age of four. Ke took Jin to Nanxi to practice Tai C▓hi boxing and Tai Chi sword fighting every morning in his later years. With her grandfather's direction, Jin showed excellent martial arts skills, surpassing those of or

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dinary people since she was a child, proficient in every field including the crane fist, the Tai Chi ▓fist, the five ancestors' fist and the long fist.To develo▓p Jin's early promise in martial arts, Ke sent her to the local small sports school (now called▓ Renmin Primary School) to study but she later transfe▓rred t

irector of t

o Dasixiang Primary School for various reasons. In the 1980s, Jin performed Tai Chi on stage in the first martial arts competition held in Yongkang City.Jin's mother did not approve of her daughter learning mart▓ial arts although Jin was born into a martial arts family. Since that competition, she was kept at home b

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y her mother and people gradually forgot about her.PM: E▓x-chief of Cambodian military forces to become deputy PMPHN▓OM PENH, March 6 (Xinhua) -- Prime Minister Hun Sen has confirmed that former commander-in-chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) Ke Kim Yan will soon become deputy prime minister in charge o

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f anti-drug trafficking, said English-language daily newspaper the Phnom Penh Post on Friday. "In the near future, General Ke Kim Yan will be appointed deputy prime minister, and he wi▓ll be chairman of the National Authority for Combating Drugs," the premier told the closing session of the annual conference of the Inte

n, said on Wednesd

ay that the govern

rior Ministry here on Thursday. Once on Tuesday, Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of N▓ational Defense, told local media that "the government will send the

s.The central go

vernment will st

request (of the appointment) to the National Assembly. When the National Assembly approves it, yo▓u will know." If approved, Ke Kim Yan will become the government's 1

pub▓lic welfar

e or national de

0th deputy prime minister. The general has been without a position since being removed as RC▓AF chief by a Royal Decree on Jan. 22. Li Limei, a train attendant with Wu

and and that have

seriously dama

han Railway Administration, has been named "the most beautiful bride" during the 2010 Spring Festival passenger transport period for her dedication to her job. "I unde?/p>

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坮stand that the Spring Festival is the busiest time for railways. You just go to work ▓and do not worry about what is going on at home. Whatever happens, I'm here. It is no▓w half past 12 o鈥檆lock, I will persuade our parents to just give me another 2 hours. I will send you to the railway station after toasting

坕onal Marine Insp

ection Office, said that in the pas▓t, la

, and friends all returned home from Shenzhen, where they were working, Li Limei and Ke Ho▓ng finally tied the knot on February 7, three years after first fallin▓g in love. Besides, they made many plans for their honeymoon a long time ago. Li Limei, h▓owever, fel

nd reclamation, to

a certain extent, helped to boost ▓eco

t increasingly worried about the approaching wedding ceremony. The reaso▓n was that Wuchang-Shanghai Train Z25/6 was almost ▓beyond its capacity during the Spring Festival and if she took a wedding vacation, there had to be someone else to fill in for her, but her colleag

nomic development

by mitigating the land shortage in coastal r

ues were under an extremely heavy workload themselves▓ and it would be impossible and unkind to ask someone to work for 5 successive days without▓ a break. Having thought long and hard about the problem, she decided to cancel the honeymoon and not to leave work. After the hasty wedding ceremony, they hurried

egions and provi

ding space for public infrastructure and industry pa

to Wuhan Railway Station from Huanggang, about a 100-mile journey by car. Ke Hong gently stroked▓ Li's head, and said wistfully, "I will come here and pick you up when you finish your work." Seeing this warm scene, passengers and colleagues were puzzled and immediately asked i

rks.However, illeg

al and irregular reclamation activities ca

n confusion, "Xiao Mei, aren't you getting married today?" "Won't you regret losing the opportunity to spend your wedding▓ night with your husband?" "I see tinsels on your hair!" "You haven鈥檛 yet taken off your ma▓ke-up!" Li Limei replied, "I came ready for the wedding, b

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ut I also came r▓eady to stand and fight and work together with you all in this busy time." Thus, Li Limei, who would otherwise be enjoying her honeymoon, embarked upon the "battlefield" of transport ▓during the Spring Festival, wearing "martial attire," which ▓won herself the title of 鈥渢he most beautiful bride" amo

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